Pre K 1 Homework

7.31.2017  About Me Poster

Children are to create their own About Me poster.

Due August 11, 2017

Please be creative, poster board can be bought at the Dollar Tree, any color is fine.

Use only half of the poster board not the whole poster.

Have them tell about their favorite food, color, toy, pictures of their brothers or sisters, grandma etc.

If you have any questions contact Ms. Devra or Ms. Brandi. Please do not ask the front desk they do not know the project.





This will start sometime in September, 2017

Parents: Introducing Letter Bottles to your children as a project.


Children will be chosen randomly to do this over the weekend. Two children in the class will be chosen on Friday’s. I’m inviting parents to participate to help your child make Letter Bottle, this will be done by using a plastic water bottle with a letter written on it, which will be in a bag to take home. The challenge is to have them find objects around the house that begin with that letter and will fit inside the bottle. If it does not fit please do not send it in the bag. It has to fit. The bottle is to be returned on Thursday’s so your children can present their bottle to the class in what they found with that letter that is written on the bottle and objects that match that letter inside the bottle. This is a great way to help your child increase alphabet knowledge, improve fine motor skills, and develop print connections.